Police find 2 killed, 1 injured inside possible makeshift homeless encampment in NW Houston

Officials are piecing together a deadly shooting Saturday in northwest Houston, where 3 people were found in what appears to be a makeshift homeless encampment. 


Details are still under investigation, but authorities say around 8 a.m., a call came in about 3 people shot in the 1300 block of Neiman Ln. Responding officers found an unidentified man with a gun at a nearby gas station and complied when he was told to put the weapon down. 

Asst. Chief Ernest Garcia with the Houston PD said the man began making statements, "as to the effect of I've just shot some people. I've killed some persons, and I've killed them down the road." Investigators were then led to what was described as a "vacant lot" with lots of trees and vegetation. There, officers encountered shipping containers and some furniture. 

"Which would appear to us that maybe a homeless encampment had been settled in the back," Asst. Chief Garcia said. 

As officers searched the area, they found a total of three people, two of whom were dead. None of them have been identified, as of this writing, but the surviving individual was rushed to a hospital in serious, but stable condition. 


It's unclear what led up to the shooting at this time, or the relationship between all four individuals, but authorities are canvassing the area and taking statements from witnesses. 

This is a developing story and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.