Police: 5 beachgoers attacked Ocean City lifeguards on July 4th

Authorities say five Pennsylvania men attacked lifeguards on a Jersey shore beach on the Fourth of July.

FOX 29 obtained exclusive video of the 4th of July beach melee in Ocean City where police say lifeguards and police officers were assaulted. Part of the video shows an Ocean City police officer on the bottom of the pile.

"You have a big scene on the beach 4th of July weekend. This is Ocean City. We are a dry town,we don't tolerate any alcohol in public, especially on the beach or boardwalk," Ocean City Police Captain Steven Ang. 

But it was alcohol Ocean City police say fueled a rowdy group of friends at 8th and the beach. 

When lifeguards tried to quiet the group down police say they were assaulted by several men. And when police were called they too got into the tussle. The chaos left beachgoers stunned.

One of the suspects is seen escaping police and running into Wonderland Pier before being arrested.

FOX 29 has learned the man seen running away is 26-year-old Breland J. Roach, of Harrisburg, who recently was arrested in Dauphin County on drug charges.. Four other men from Harrisburg and Philadelphia were also cited for assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police want to send a clear message about messing with lifeguards.

"Their job and their ability is to save the people out in the water," Captain Ang said.  "And we tied up a lot of lifeguards for this incident, a few rowdy people and probably jeopardized the lives of others on the beach"