Peaceful protest to honor Josue Flores

It was an emotional day as hundreds of people gathered for a peaceful protest in north Houston for several reasons. Residents say they are tired of the crime and having their streets overrun with homeless people. They also want justice for Josue Flores, as the man who killed him has not been found. They demand a permanent solution to the problems, to make the entire neighborhood safe for everyone.

Josue's family tells FOX 26 News that they put their trust in the Houston Police Department to find the person who ended his life, but still want the city to step up and make a change in their neighborhood.

"We hope that everybody gets together help us find who did it the right person and we just want to find the right person that did this and just all of Houston we just want everyone to stay together because we have to look out for each other unity."

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a $15,000 reward to anyone that has information leading to the killer's arrest. Josue's wake is on Monday and his burial will take place on Tuesday.