Peaceful protest in Katy draws over one thousand people

We continue to monitor protest that are occurring across the nation for George Floyd, and here in our area. Earlier today a peaceful protest organized by Katy ISD students and Black Lives Matter Houston had a great turn out, with many being first-time demonstrators since protests usually happen in bigger cities, but the students didn’t want to go into the city of Houston, they wanted to bring awareness to their backyard.

Over a thousand Katy residents showed up at Harris County Katy Park for a peaceful demonstration and march, wanting to keep the name, George Floyd alive.

Many in attendance were young eligible voters, that took the opportunity to register. Jeffrey Jin, one of the organizers tells FOX 26 “I think it’s important that students also lead that, because they are the next generation. They are the ones that are going to be voting for our leaders in the future. They are the ones that are going to be running for offices of political power, and I think that their voices should be heard now so that they can be executed in the future.“


Many people FOX 26 spoke with said this was their first time ever attending a protest, or helping to organize one.

We asked them, why now?

“Because I actually have the opportunity to come to a place that’s near me that is held by my peers...l am doing nothing in quarantine, and I have the chance to speak and put my thoughts out then why shouldn’t I?” said one young lady.

Foyin Dosunmu, another organizer said the driving force behind this was “We saw the lack of activity going on in Katy, and as soon as we saw that we were right on it. We need the world to know, and Houston to know that Katie is not OK with racial injustice, and we will do anything we possibly can to show them and get justice for George Floyd.”

The crowd stayed for hours after the march listening to speakers.
“It’s absolutely heartwarming and also shows a lot of potential for Katie to become a city that is not only progressive in thoughts, but also in action.“ said Erika Alverez.

Families and those younger voters that we spoke with say this isn’t over for them after demonstrations like this, that they do feel empowered to make change going forward.