Man charged with murdering 6-week-old son in 2020

A Houston-area man is accused of killing his 6-week-old son in November 2020.

Xavier Whitaker is charged with murder in the brutal death of Xavier Whitaker Jr, according to new court documents.

The documents show Whitaker, 20, was taking care of the newborn when an ambulance was called to their Pasadena residence on Nov. 11, 2020.


Paramedics rushed him to HCA Houston Healthcare Southeast Hospital, and then he was airlifted to Texas Children’s Hospital.

He died on Nov. 20. The autopsy, performed two days later, showed the newborn died of multiple blunt force injuries and his death was ruled a homicide.

Medical records from Texas Children's Hospital show the baby suffered head trauma, cerebral edema, anoxic brain injury, subdural hemorrhage, left and right parietal skull fracture, multiple rib fractures, right femoral fracture, right superior pubic ramus fracture, and S4 vertebral fracture.

He had also previously sustained a laceration to his face, which was untreated.

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According to the documents, a doctor who specializes in child abuse pediatrics says the injuries were "consistent with kicking, stomping and/or throwing of the complainant and the injuries did not necessarily indicate shaking. Furthermore, the injuries were consistent with an impact or crush type injury with or against a blunt object or with a crushing force."

The findings were inconsistent with what Whitaker told Pasadena police. He reported that he was feeding his baby, but he didn't seem to want to eat. So he burped him. Then Whitaker says he took his newborn to the bathtub, but he became unresponsive.

Whitaker was charged with murder on Monday.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.