Parents say CPS took their 3 kids away because they wanted to visit dying relative

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“What CPS is doing to these parents is wrong,” said attorney Julie Ketterman.

The Giwa’s turned to FOX 26 last May after their then 19-month-old son Ali was taken into protective custody by CPS.

CPS accused the parents of medical neglect even though doctors could not explain why he was failing to thrive like his twin sister.

“They’ve run test,  after test, after test, and there’s nothing,” Ketterman said.

In June, Ali was returned home to his parents and siblings, but CPS had two conditions.

One, they told the parents not to talk to the media.

“I’m not scared. I will do this again, and again, and again,” Ali’s mom Kathy Giwa said.

CPS also ordered the parents to undergo yet another round of psychological testing.

“By a CPS contractor because they know that it’s going to come back saying what they want it to say,” said Ketterman.

The Giwa’s are originally from Nigeria and last spring CPS ordered them to turn over their passports.
Ahmed Giwa says his mother has never seen his three children, and the family got emergency passports to travel to Nigeria.

“She’s literally on her dying bed,” Ahmed Giwa said.

But when they got to the airport in Dallas, the parents were arrested. CPS had flagged the children’s names.

“It’s very traumatic for the whole family,” Ahmed Giwa said.

Now CPS has taken all three children into protective custody, even though a CPS case worker admitted in court Ali is doing much better.

“Even the CPS doctor says he’s now thriving so much better since he’s been home with us,” Ali’s mother said.

In court CPS accused the couple of trying to flee the country with their kids, but offered no proof of that.

The Giwa’s say their only crime was wanting their kids to meet their grandmother before she dies.

“I would have done it," Ketterman said. "I would've done it in a heartbeat because you cannot get that back. Once that grandmother is gone she’s gone.”