Parents concerned about popularity of fight videos at Woodcreek Middle School

Some parents are telling Fox 26 they are concerned for their kids' safety at Woodcreek Middle School in Humble ISD. The parents we spoke with say kids at Woodcreek Middle are taking part in violent fights at school, then posting them online. They say the popularity of the posts are encouraging more kids to start and record fights.      

"It’s not ok. It’s inhibiting his ability to study, to learn," says Richard Garren whose son attends Woodcreek. Instead of his son feeling safe at school Garren says it’s become a violent environment where students are trying to attack his 7th grader and record it so they can post the fight online.


"He’s sitting there getting pushed by this kid saying ‘Why are you doing this? What is going? What are you doing' and then he noticed several kids had cameras up," Garren explains. According to Garren his son avoided that fight earlier this week and walked away thanks to his training in Brazilian Jiujitsu. "He knows street fights are a lot different than competition fights. Street fights are something you have to get yourself out of quickly. So it’s not something he wants to take part in". 

Garren says he’s seen the fights at Woodcreek plastered on social media. "Just within this week there have been five fights that have been recorded, five just this week" and he says even as one page is taken down, another one pops up requesting for followers to send fights.


"This is something that every parent needs to be aware of. I just want something to be done," says Garren who fears the fights at Woodcreek are becoming more frequent and are doing damage. "It stunts his growth at school because it makes him fearful of just being there. My kids’ top priority now is watching his back and it should be his grades".      

We reached out to Humble ISD for comment. The district replied with the following letter sent to Woodcreek parents today:

December 3, 2021

Dear Woodcreek Middle School Families,

Your child may be aware of an Instagram account displaying videos of fights involving middle school students. Our school is aware of the account. 

The fight from this school year that was posted has been addressed through school discipline. Other incidents shown were from prior school years or were not incidents related to Woodcreek Middle School. 

Fighting is never an acceptable way to behave. Any student who does so faces consequences, according to the Student Code of Conduct. We also partner with law enforcement for the safety and well-being of everyone.

It is important to know:

Some of the videos that were displayed did not involve our students. Content posted on social media is often pulled from the internet and not original. 

The original Instagram account has been reported and appears to have been taken down. However, another account has been created. The account does not belong to the school or district.    

Filming entices people to engage in fights because they like the attention that the videos bring. Therefore, students who film and share fights also face disciplinary consequences. 

Middle school is a time when students have more freedom but also more responsibility. Please discuss with your children that their actions can bring unintended consequences and that some trends are unhealthy.

Woodcreek Middle School is a safe learning environment where students succeed and thrive. We are here to work with our students to teach them coping mechanisms, conflict resolution skills, and good decision-making. Please reach out to our counselors if you have a concern about your child’s behavior or social media use.  

Safety concerns should always be reported to our school staff, Humble ISD Police (281-641-7900), or through the Humble ISD iHELP app.


Dr. Alan Moye