Pamper party thrown for 71-year-old cancer survivor

A Houston cancer survivor is being treated to a day so sweet it can only be described as an early Valentine’s Day gift. Months into the pandemic Gwenn Pierre was diagnosed with and began her battle with breast cancer. This month she finished chemotherapy and today she’s getting the gift of glam.     

Delivered in a limousine this precious cargo, 71-year-old Gwenn Pierre who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020, is in for a much-needed surprise spa day. 

"I completed my last round of chemo about a week and a half ago," Pierre says and the room erupts into cheering. The non-profit Tava Cares and IMare GlamHouse are throwing Pierre a pamper party, complete with makeup, bags of goodies, and doing her beautiful hair, which does not look like a wig. 


"After the first three weeks of chemo, I lost every strand of hair. I love this hair," Pierre smiles."We thought what a wonderful way to celebrate her falling back in love with her body, back in love with her mind and just knowing how beautiful she is in the month of love, which is February right," says Tava Cares Executive Director Jalene Mack. 

This is actually Pierre’s second bout with serious illness. When she was 40, the inflammatory disease Sarcoidosis which mostly effects the lungs left her with so much inflammation in her eyes she says she was temporarily blind. "I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t use my hands to do anything. I could hardly breathe," Pierre said.

"She’s always giving to others. So now we want to be able to sow into her by giving her lots of different gifts," says Martha Elmore Berry CEO of IMare GlamHouse.  "Being a chaplain she’s always caring for others, always praying over others. So we want to do this for her," adds Mack. 

The ladies behind this day also have one more goal. "I think she’s going to leave with a huge, huge smile on her face," smiles Mack. Looks like mission accomplished.

"The smile is from the inside out because as strong as my God has made me I still hurt and the side effects have been devastating but my God is great and I still have joy," adds Pierre who says today was the perfect escape to get away from all that comes with cancer, even if just for a day.   

She still has three weeks of radiation ahead of her and we wish her all the best.