Organized crime ring linked to some 90 crimes in north Harris County

Deputy constables say some of these young faces have already seen jail cells.

Now it appears they will be spending even more time behind bars.

“We ended up clearing 74 burglaries to motor vehicles 11 burglaries to houses two aggravated robbery cases,” said Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman. “In one of the robbery cases they ended up actually shooting at the complainant.”

They may be young but law officers say their crime spree was sophisticated and lasted for about four months.

“They would basically be texting about what subdivisions they were going to burglarize where they were going to be what they ended up stealing,” said Herman.

“I think they jumped over the fence and they went into a back window,” said this Cypress homeowner was asked that we not identify her. “They took a couple of i-pads our Xbox and my husband’s class ring and watch.”

While some of the stolen property was recovered Herman says a number of guns stolen by the ring are still M.I.A.

“We did end up recovering some guns that were taken out of some of the burglaries but there’s still a large majority of the guns we have not recovered that are still on the street,” Herman said.

Law officers say with all these youths now behind bars crime in north Harris County should be on the decline.

“These folks are going to be responsible for a large part of crime in that area,” said Herman.

“I do feel safer and it’s better for everybody,” the homeowner said.

The twelve youths are facing a variety of criminal charges including engaging in organized crime.

Law officers say there are other members of this organized crime ring that have yet to be arrested and they expect to solve even more crimes.