Oklahoma DA's office releases video of bail officer fatally shooting client

Just days after an Oklahoma bail agent was acquitted on charges of first-degree murder, prosecutors released video of the 2017 shooting death of one of her clients, The Oklahoman reported.

Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, was found not guilty on Friday in the Aug. 9 death of 38-year-old client Brandon James Williams.

It was a tense trial. The state medical examiner reportedly said the bullet entered Williams’ lower back and exited his upper chest, which is consistent with being shot while bending out a window.

The paper reported that at the end of the trial, Carey's defense attorney argued, “What’s not on the video is your reasonable doubt.”

Carey testified she shot Williams in self-defense as she and her son attempted to take Williams back into custody. She told jurors she was afraid Williams was going to shoot her son and that he tried to grab her gun before fleeing out her office window.

Carey said she beat Williams — who was accused in a burglary case — to the gun.

“I was afraid he was going to shoot my son,” Carey told the Payne County jury, The Oklahoman reported. “I felt like we were going to be killed. … I've never been that scared before.”

Prosecutors said Carey shot Williams after he was “no longer a threat.”

The video appears to show Carey grab the gun while Williams was out of the view of the GoPro her son reportedly set up for the meeting.

Prior to the shooting, Williams was seen in the video talking to her son about cars, the paper reported. After Williams refused to be handcuffed, he reportedly moved toward a window.  Carey grabbed the gun and fired.

“Mom, you just shot him,” Justin Henderson, her 19-year-old son, said. She reportedly replied, “I did.”


CREDIT: Fox News