Officials: No confirmed cases of coronavirus in Harris County

Harris County officials are not taking any chances when it comes to the coronavirus. It’s not about if we get a confirmed case, it’s a matter of when, and they are saying they are prepared to handle it. “The public health department continues to monitor 24/7.” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Meanwhile, hand sanitizers and household disinfectants are flying off the shelves at local supermarkets. Many still trying to get a hold of masks to prevent contracting the coronavirus, but health experts, like Dr. David Persse of the Houston Health Department, say basic hygiene is the most effective way for preventing it. “What stopped to those epidemics was people washing their hands, covering their coughs, not going to work when they’re ill, and following those personal hygiene things that we’ve been talking about again and again and again.”


The biggest impact in our area is Chinatown, where businesses are feeling the financial strain since people fear going there. It is one of the many rumors the county is trying to fight. “I really ask people to check again before they share something they saw online because even if we don’t intend to do it maliciously, it does end up harming the community,” says Hidalgo.

Several individuals in Harris County have tested negative for the virus, but we are still waiting on the results from a staff member at Rice University. County officials assuring the public that they will be notified immediately if they receive word of a confirmed case, but in the meantime, they want people experiencing respiratory symptoms to contact a doctor, even if you do not have insurance.

“You can call 211. They will direct you to a doctor that can see you without insurance, and then for anyone who is undocumented our public Hospital system, Harris Health, will receive your case. They will not ask about immigration status.” says Hidalgo.

We were told that we will learn the results of that staff member from Rice University in about 48-72 hours. You can learn more facts about the coronavirus, and put rumors to rest on the County’s website.