Officer involved shooting in north Houston

HPD is investigating an officer involved shooting in North Houston.      

The suspect was shot and killed at the scene after he pointed his shotgun at one of the officers in his yard.

HPD said they got a call from residents on Panama Road in north Houston around 9:15 Friday morning.

“We were told by family members that the suspect was barricaded in a room inside the house and was threatening to harm himself,” said Jodi Silva, HPD’s Public Information Officer.

HPD and SWAT team officers surrounded the area demanding the suspect leave the room, but instead, they said he fired a shotgun.

“From that point, the suspect begins screaming and then fires shots from inside the house to outside the house.”

After  several more attempts to get the suspect to surrender peacefully, HPD said the SWAT team members threw several canisters of tear gas into the home. The suspect then ran out with his weapon.

“As he’s taking aim in the direction of the officers,  that’s when one of our SWAT officers in fear of his safety,  in fear of the safety of his other officers, discharges his duty weapon.”

HPD  has not released the name of the suspect or their description. They are still investigating what caused the incident to take place