Northside residents say they've waited more than 2 years for city to demolish dangerous burnt-out house

UPDATE: FOX 26 has an update on a home that neighbors in one neighborhood have been trying to get torn down for two years. 

We can confirm that the city of Houston went to the home and knocked it down on Friday. 


"The neighbors are concerned. This is ongoing problem. It's an eyesore, it's blight," said Lydia Afeman, who owns property near the burnt-out house in the 100 block of Sylvester.

So how long is too long to let something like this go on?

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"I don't know why it's taking so long," said a neighbor who asked to be anonymous. "You have homeless people who walk around the area and use this spot to find shelter. Who knows what's underneath it as far as rodents."

"No one wants to buy on a block with a burnt-out house, it depreciates your property," Afeman said.

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Afeman has been trying to get the city of Houston to demolish the mess for almost three years.

"It took them a year to have a meeting because of COVID, then they finally had a meeting. It was supposed to be approved for demolition, but the house is still standing," she said.

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This nasty neighbor comes with a nasty car parked in the back.

"I think if it was in a different part of town, maybe not neccessarily on this street, but a more affluent part of the city, I think it would be acted on in a more timely fashion," the neighbor said.

The city tells us the house is scheduled for demolition within the next week.