Non-profit still giving Christmas gifts to kids in CPS custody

Christmas may have come and gone for most of us but not for everyone. In this Positively Houston, we caught up with an area non-profit that still has plenty of gifts to give. 

Today, tomorrow, and every day during this holiday season when a Houston child is placed in CPS custody the kiddo will still get a Christmas present.

The non-profit BEAR Houston, Be A Resource Houston for CPS kids, has gifts to give thanks to a local constable and many big-hearted Houstonians.

"My wife and I were sitting in the backyard and she said she had given a few toys. She sat there looking at me and she says, 'Well I want to give them more.' And I said, 'Well what do you want to do?'" said Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman.

Turns out the Constable's wife Missy wanted to give significantly more and he agreed. So they gave a $5,000 check to BEAR.

"We provide emergency resources and various items throughout the year for children under the care of child protective services. All of the children we serve have been abused in some form or fashion," says BEAR Outreach Coordinator Merri Hahn.  

It’s almost a Christmas miracle how the Constable and his wife came to know about the non-profit. You see, they were actually sick with COVID-19.

"KSBJ Radio got word that we both had COVID and there were thousands and thousands of people praying for us. I mean just the messages were unbelievable and we just appreciated it so much," says Constable Herman.

As the Hermans listened to KSBJ and all of the prayers pouring in for them, they also heard about the radio station's drive to help get gifts for Houston kids in CPS custody and the Hermans helped alright, to the tune of 5,000 big ones. "We received all this care and compassion and we wanted to give back," says the Constable.

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"Constable Herman and his wife were just an immense blessing on BEAR and what we were trying to accomplish this Christmas season," Hahn adds.

BEAR helps over 15,000 Houston kids at Christmas and beyond. "Once the gifts are no longer needed the funds do go into our BEAR Necessities program to simply provide basic necessities, clothes, shoes, diapers, wipes, hygiene items."


As for the Hermans, Mrs. Herman ended up pretty ill, even battling pneumonia.

After spending Thanksgiving quarantined away from their kids and family they have now both recovered and they’re doing what others did for them, dropping off necessities and food for people who are battling COVID-19.

"Actually I’m taking some water to some people today and leaving it on their front porch. Sometimes you just don’t know how that feels until you’re in that position," says Constable Herman.       

If you’re looking for a non-profit to give to before the end of the year BEAR is certainly accepting donations.

Click here to reach the non-profit.