Ninja Robs Shipley Do-Nuts and Opens Fire On Employees

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A gunman opens fire on employees at a Shipley Do-Nuts on the Gulf Freeway.  "He opened the door and he jumped over the counter," explains Shipley's Manager Patricia Ruiz.  Then she says the man, who was dressed as a ninja, knocked a worker to the floor, took a few dollars from the register and without saying a word opened fire on employees.

" He didn't say nothing.  He didn't speak.  He's only shooting.  That's it," adds Ruiz.

 Workers at the Southeast Houston Shipley Donuts ran out the back door with the gunman still shooting.
"We tried to hide in the dumpster then the guy came.  We saw him back there and the manager was like just start running," says employee Jaqueline Rivas.

Ruiz was yelling at the man to just take the money but he kept coming after them, shooting the whole time.

" I was scared, like what if he shot me through the back or something because I have a nine month old daughter and that's all I was thinking about," explains Rivas.  

"We're thinking like run for your life.  That's it.  As the manager I was thinking about my customers, my employees," adds Ruiz.  Witnesses say the shooter finally returned to his gray Infiniti then opened fire on a Shipley's customer who was trying to get his license plate number.

"After everything happened we were all crying because it was just crazy," says Rivas.   This is only Jaqueline Rivas' second week working here.   Employees didn't get a good look at the man who they say was dressed in black like a ninja.

"He had a white mask, gloves and I couldn't see anything else because he had covered eyes and everything," says Ruiz.  

Several windows and walls were shot but amazingly no people were.  Even more amazing, in the morning when everyone arrived for work the manager told employees she had a horrible dream that they were robbed.

" Next thing you know, like two hours later it actually did happen" says Rivas.  Police are still looking for the shooter.