New video, details in fatal shooting of Pct. 3 deputy constable

They've been stopping by the memorial outside the courthouse all day. It's  human nature to want to see with your own eyes where tragedy struck. Perhaps it helps one make sense of the senseless, after all, the men and women with the badges are supposed to help the victims not become them.

"It's all settling in right now. It's very somber here. Everyone's heads are up. We're trying not to let it get us down instead we're letting it bring us up," said Deputy Landon McDonald after stepping out of his patrol car adorned with a green sticker in the rear window to honor Deputy Clinton Greenwood.

The outpouring of community support probably helps. Since the murder, a makeshift memorial outside the courthouse has grown slowly, but steadily. People like Hitesh Patel have been  stopping by with flowers and prayers.

"We want justice for him and we want the person who did this to step forward voluntarily or you will be found,"  said the Baytown native.

A task force is doing what it can to ensure the killer will indeed be found.  Monday night investigators released surveillance video of a black car leaving the crime scene. On Tuesday, they released video of a possible suspect in the case. They have only a vague description of the gunman who shot Deputy Clinton Greenwood as he reported for work, yet tips are pouring in spurred perhaps in part by the $65,000 in reward money. But don't underestimate the genuine desire to get this killer off the streets, to make the world make sense again.

"It's terrible. It's sad. How do you explain something like this to a child, that there's such evil in the world," said Jaimie Grothe after she and her son A.J. placed flowers in the spot. Tears were slowly falling down her cheeks.