New state-of-the-art procedure tightens skin non-invasively

A new state-of-the-art procedure at Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa is tightening skin non-invasively, yet has similar results to plastic surgery.  We caught up with a couple of patients who can't believe the difference, and they got to see their results immediately.

Jill Robin Payne is undergoing the new procedure called "PLEXR" that instantly tightens skin. Katina Kearns, the owner of Renew Body Contouring & MedSpa explains it's called a soft surgical procedure. 

"We're not doing any type of cutting to raise and lift the eyelid skin.  It also helps the lower eyelid, so it gives you a non-surgical blepharoplasty," explains Kearns.

Payne is a psychotherapist who encourages her clients to do whatever it takes to feel their best, so she believes the same is important for herself.

"I'm not interested in my wrinkles that much because I think they give you character, and so I was mainly looking for the lift.  People don't realize when your lids are hanging over, you don't see as well and it's also heavy on your lids, so it really did take a psychological affect and made me feel lighter," states Payne.

She went on to say that numbing cream helped her easily endure the treatment.

"It's similar to a tiny bolt of lightning, just at the skin's surface.  What it does is borrow a tiny hole in the skin, you see tiny brown polka dots there, it crusts over almost immediately and then your body's healing process basically pulls that skin together and tightens it up and removes that excess skin from the area," says Kearns.  

There is definitely a difference in her before and after photos and she says she also got a treatment on crepey skin on her neck.  Kearns says the procedure also rebuilds collagen, so the results get even more dramatic over the coming weeks.

Peggie Pentecost has a high profile job as a local realtor and also went to Renew Body Contouring and MedSpa, so they could help her look her best.

"I was trying to avoid something more invasive, like surgery. I literally had my eyelids hanging down over my eyelashes, crumpling my eyelashes and that was very frustrating!  You can see now that I have eyelids and you could not at all before. They were literally hanging down, and my crow's feet were getting dramatically noticeable. Also, my 11 (pointing to forehead between eyes) I have no Botox in my face now and that has been diminished dramatically, it was very deep and fine lines around my mouth," says Pentecost. 

Kearns says the procedure works on most body parts, including knees, elbows, and to remove age spots and lessen scars.  She says the downtime is usually two to four days. 

To compare the price, PLEXR costs $1,500, while eyelid surgery often costs about $6,000.

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