New evidence in deadly drug raid contradicts police reports, victims' families outraged

"All I want is the truth. Some kind of closure to make sure this doesn't happen again," said John Nicholas.

He says the truth about his sister's death is out there, but he and his lawyers can't get to it. They say the Houston Police Department isn't telling everything and isn't sharing information,  but their private investigators have found evidence the police investigators left behind. It tells a different story. They say their evidence shows the shot that killed Rhogena Nicholas during the botched drug raid came from outside the the home and from a person who could not see her. They say the deadly bullet was left behind in the home by police investigators.

They also say someone fired two shots into an internal wall from extremely close range long after the raid was over and that sound was caught on video. 

"What this raises is troubling questions about what is happening in this case and how easy it was for Gerald Goins to do this is this case and how many Houstonians have been effected by this ordeal," said family attorney Michael Doyle.

They  don't have a solid narrative of their own, but says they know it didn't happen the way the police say it did, and they need more Information to come up with a full picture. So they've filed a petition with the court. They want to be allowed to take depositions from key high ranking members of the police department, including Lt. Marsha Todd and Captain Paul Follis. 

There's more to this for the Nicholas family. They want tell her mother her name's been cleared.

"She says to me all the time, saying I hope I can make it. She's 85 years old. I hope I can find the answer to get her name cleared before I pass," said Nicholas.

Chief Art Acevedo said the following in a written statement:

The matter is now in the hands of the district attorney, the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office, and further comment would be inappropriate at this time."