New Caney ISD parents concerned overcrowded buses aren't safe as kids overflow into aisle

Students are packed in like sardines according to parents in New Caney ISD.

Parents are speaking out with their concerns after students snapped photos of their overcrowded school bus on this first week back to school. They're demanding changes from the district transportation department after cell phone photos showed a packed bus with students sitting in the aisle.

"She was complaining that she had nowhere to sit, and I just figured first day of school. Maybe they're trying to work everything out," said parent Kris Whiddon. "And then yesterday when she texted me upset, I asked her to take pictures. That's when she sent me the pictures, and there's literally kids standing and sitting down the aisle."

When FOX 26 reached out to the district for comment, they sent the following statement: 

"Student safety is a top priority for New Caney ISD. If a bus is over-crowded, district protocol is to remove students from the bus prior to departing the campus."

 ​​​​​​Kelli McGee says she'll be driving her daughter to school until the problem is resolved.

"They're kids not chickens. So why would you put so many kids onto a bus?"