New at-home COVID-19 test delivered to your door the same day

A new FDA-approved COVID-19 test can now be delivered right to your door, even on the same day.

If you aren't feeling well and don't want to leave your house to undergo a COVID-19 test, you now have the chance to do that from the comforts of home.

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"This test is actually a really great option for people who have difficulty getting to a testing site, getting to doctor's visits. It's also really great for people who live in what I like to call healthcare deserts," states Dr. Verenis Estrada, an expert from

Houston is far from a healthcare desert, with doctor's offices readily available, but that is a problem in some of the outlying areas around Houston.

"Still in the U.S., there are many areas and neighborhoods that just the closest hospital is still like an hour away. The local doctor can't have everything in their office so these types of tests really would make a really big difference in people's lives," states Dr. Estrada.

One of the biggest fears of getting tested for COVID-19 is that the nasal swab could be painful, but this test is different from the deep nasal plunge, even though it is the gold standard PCR test.

"The nasal swab that they're selling to consumers is slightly different than what you're expecting at a doctor's office.  At a doctor's office, we really get in there. With this one, it's more what's called a low nasal swab, which is a little different," states Dr. Estada.

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In many areas, same-day delivery is available, while next-day delivery is available in most areas.

The other test requires you to use a smartphone or computer to connect with someone from, who will walk you through how to correctly take the test.

"The Vault test allows you to just spit into a tube, it's semi-supervised by a physician and then you send it off. The Everlywell test is taking a nasal swab and that one is not supervised, so there's a little tiny bit more room for error than just spitting into a tube, but both of them are done via PCR, which does a great job checking to see if you have COVID," explains Dr. Estrada.

It's important to note that you do have to pay upfront for the test ($109 & $119), but Dr. Estrada says you can often be reimbursed for it.

"Since it is an approved test, your insurance can reimburse you for it, and possibly your flexible spending account, but it's just going to be insurance dependent, so just call your insurance and see what they're willing to cover," says Dr. Estrada.

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She says if the results are positive, it's a good idea to talk to a doctor for medical advice.

"This is a great in-between and you can always call up your doctor and say, hey I took this test, this is what came back, and get some guidance from them," encourages Dr. Estrada.

Once the lab receives the test, they give results within 24 to 48 hours.

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