Neighbors on edge after vicious dog attack in north Houston

Police say a pack of dogs attacked two women in north Houston, killing one of them.

It happened shortly before 6 a.m. Saturday in the Independence Heights neighborhood.

Houston police say officers received two separate calls about vicious animals. Investigators said the first woman was sent to the hospital with multiple bite wounds.

“The complainant’s husband called and said his wife had been attacked by dogs,” said Assistant Chief Pete Lopez.

Minutes later, authorities received another call -- this time from the dog owners.

The second woman attacked was pronounced dead on the scene.            

“The owners of the dogs that did the attack called the police and reported that his dogs had attacked a woman. She was lying in the ditch and possibly deceased,” said Lopez.

Authorities believe three pit bulls who were kept in the backyard of a home in the 5500 block of Arlington Street got loose and are responsible.

Raul Hernandez lives next door and said his four-month old puppy, Tigra, was attacked by the pit bulls the day before the deadly attack.

“I was shocked because how is it that at 10 a.m. the night before, my dog was being attacked. Now the next morning, somebody is dead because of these same dogs,” said Hernandez.

In another incident, Hernandez said his neighbor's pit bulls tried to attack his other dog and even jumped on his wife when she tried to defend their dog. 

Hernandez said his wife was able to get inside the house safely then, but him and his wife always worry what could happen to their four young children.

“Thank God that wasn’t the case with my family, or things would’ve been way worse. I thank God because there were too many close calls before. But luckily, that's all they were-- close calls,” said Hernandez.

Police said the dogs were taken to Harris County Animal Control.

The case will now be presented to a grand jury to determine if the owner will face any charges.

The identity of the woman who died has not yet been released.