Neighbors in Dickinson worry about more flooding

For Robin Aleman, seeing a picture of her street underwater is unsettling. 

"This is my house right here, so you can see the water is totally covering all the way up over the street," says Aleman as she points to a photo. The picture was taken just a year ago when Harvey’s rainfall and the overflowing Dickinson Bayou flooded those that live in the Bayou Chantilly neighborhood.

The rainwater on Tuesday started to gather again. 

"Some people were having PTSD flashbacks of 'Wait, what’s going to happen? How are we going to flood?,'" says Aleman. "We actually had water back in our house two days ago and in the morning, at 5 o'clock in the morning, water was coming in on the back porch and into the back door and it was like, 'Okay, we have to stop this water! We don’t need this water to be coming back in the house again!” 

Brad Stapp’s home remodel is around 90 percent finished, but he too gets nervous when he sees the water rise along the bayou. 

“It was getting up in the neighbor's along the bayou," says Stapp. "It was getting up in their backyards and then it stayed like that yesterday and I noticed it was down this morning.” 

Down from their homes sit vacant lots and FEMA trailers. The people who still live off Live Oak pray that the rain we may see over the next few days will not stick around.

"If you know there’s a storm coming, it doesn’t hurt to just leave everything," adds Aleman. "It’s still going to be here no matter what. You can’t change the storms, you can’t change the water. It’s still going to come to matter what."