Multiple cars vandalized at Houston apartment complex

On Mother's Day morning Joey Whitehead and several other residents that live at 5755 Herman Park, an apartment complex in the 5700 block of Almeda, woke up to their car windows broken. They say more than a dozen vehicles were vandalized, we saw a number with damage.

Whitehead says, "my wife looks at her car, then every car after that, so now you're looking around to see every car after that, is someone still here, then I go over to my truck and the windows are broke out, so then you begin to feel like who is watching us"

Carlton Thomas says it happened to his car too. He and his wife are from out of state and are staying at the complex because it's close to where his wife is getting treatment for breast cancer.

"Sunday morning we come out and glass was everywhere my wife and I are here for MD Anderson and we are only here 7 weeks and the reason we were staying here was that it was gated and it seemed safe, I'm paying about twice what the other renters are paying because I'm only going to be here 7 weeks", says Thomas.

The building sent out an email telling residents they have been informed of recent vehicular vandalism in the parking garage and that they are aware of the situation and are working closely with Houston police to help catch the suspects.

Another resident Calvin Brantley says he got that email, "we did receive an email about the incident that happened with the break in's".

Residents also say in the last few days bars started being installed on the first level of the garage to help with safety, but Whitehead says this isn't the first time it's happened and he says he is afraid it will not be the last.

Whitehead says, "when 15 cars get broken into on the 7th of February and then 12 cars get broke in, in March and then in May another 13 cars get broke in you start to think that there is something going on in this community".

"I don't like it and I think this company should do something to help all of these residents that have damage because this has happened several times as I understand, it didn't happen to us but one time, but that's enough", says Thomas.

We did reach out to management for a comment on the issue but they declined our request.