MTV rolling into town to encourage more residents to vote early

It’s already been a record breaking year when it comes to early voting for Harris County. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there, this weekend MTV is rolling in for a one day event at the Toyota Center. 

“We still have one week to go of early voting and then Election Day,” said Roxanne Werner with the Harris County Clerk’s Office.
“The total turnout for 2016 was about 1.3 million, we’ll be on track to hit the total number of voters by sometime next week.”

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And with more access than ever before, with the addition of drive through voting, it’s brought a different element to the game. 

“We’ve heard some stories from voters who may be living with someone who has a health issue, drive through voting is a way they can still vote together and keep that one person safe,” said Werner. 

But the fun does not stop there, events will be held over the weekend and next week to encourage voters to cast their ballots. 


Early Voting Day will be held on Saturday at the Toyota Center. 

On Saturday, MTV will be rolling out the red carpet, musicians will be there including appearances from Kam Franklin of The Suffers and Clutch, the Rockets mascot. 

You’re encouraged to vote, take a selfie on the red carpet and have some fun. 

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And for one day and one day only, Harris County is making several polling locations open for 24 hours. 

The list includes 7 locations opening at 7 a.m. on Oct. 29 until 7 p.m. Oct. 30.

Those locations include: NRG Arena, Kashmere Gardens Multi-Service Center, McGovern Texas Medical Center Commons, East Harris County Activity Center, Tracy Gee Community Center, Juergen's Hall Community Center and Victory Gardens.