More than 30 abandoned dogs rescued in southwest Houston

You could see their scared little faces peering out from under the loading dock of a building near Highway 6 and Alief Clodine.

When rescuers arrived here on Sunday, they found 27 abandoned dogs. It appears many are from the same litter and had just been dumped.

Independent dog rescuer Martha Vasquez took them all in.

"I think it was a hoarding situation that just got out of hand. They didn't know what to do with them and they just dumped them," Vasquez said.

Getting the remaining dogs would be no easy task. Rescuers tried in vain to get the remaining pups out, but it would take help from the Community Volunteer Fire Department.

The building owner opened the loading gates, and after a lot of yelps scratches and bites, all the dogs were caught and are now safe.

The 27 dogs Vasquez has at her house will all go to rescue groups.

"I really don't think the person will be found," Vasquez said. "There's no cameras out there and it will take someone who knows who it is to say something."

"I think the City of Houston needs to do more to stop things like this, people abandoning animals. It's become ridiculous." said Randy Bellard.