More than 100 inmates with COVID-19 moved to Brazoria Co.

"I'm very disappointed at the lack of concern for public safety in Brazoria County by the Texas Department of Corrections (TDCJ)," said County Judge Matt Sebesta.

To say Sebesta feels hoodwinked is an understatement.

"The movement started last Saturday when they moved 23 medically isolated prisoners from the Telford Unit down to Stringfellow," said Sebesta.

In all TDCJ transferred 121 COVID 19 positive inmates to two Brazoria County prisons.

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The Stringfellow Unit in Rosharon and the Wayne Scott Unit in Angleton.

No elected officials in Brazoria County were notified.

"That is my concern for our first responders our public health workers and Brazoria County citizens as a whole," Sebesta said.

The reason the COVID 19 inmates were transferred to Brazoria County was to be close to UTMB in Galveston.

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It's the state's only hospital with space specifically for inmates.

TDCJ says the UTMB campus in Angleton won't be impacted by the transfers.

We asked TDCJ why county officials weren't notified about the transfers.

"In any given month there are literally thousands of offenders that move between the 104 prison units around the state of Texas and no one is notified about those units this really is no different," said Jeremy Desel spokesman for TDCJ.


Sebesta would beg to differ.

Before the 121 transfers, the 6 prison units in Brazoria County had just 30 COVID 19 positive cases.

The County Judge sent the Governor a letter expressing his anger.

"I hope the governor takes a hard look at the leadership at the Texas Department of Corrections because I believe there are some changes that need to be made," Sebesta said.