More parents accuse Spring daycare of mishandling, abusing their children

More parents have come forward claiming a Spring daycare mishandled and abused their children. 

"It’s a parent's worst nightmare. It’s something that’s scarred my brain. Whenever I was watching it for an hour and a half, I'm thinking like are my eyes deceiving me? Am I seeing this?" said Amy Davison. 

Amy and Torry Davison couldn’t believe their eyes when they randomly checked in on their then 6-month-old son CD through the live cameras at Children's Lighthouse Daycare and witnessed him being mishandled by an employee.

"Holding him by one arm and swinging our baby boy around 360, where his legs were flying around in the air. Almost like tucking him like a football," Torry Davison said. 

"I saw her grab him by his arm and yank him out of the bouncer. She yanked him out and was holding him like a rag doll, just walking with him towards the door. She had the other baby in her arm like this. She just swung him around, just legs flying in the air to where it threw him up so it was that much force to where he was kind of tossed up in the air and caught him," Amy Davison said. 


That horrific incident happened back in November. Their son, CD, had been attending Children’s Lighthouse at Spring Harmony for two months. 

The Davison's said they rushed over to the daycare and took their son home. Upon examining him, they found bruises on his little body. 

"It’s appalling. It’s horrific. It’s unbelievable," Torry Davison said. 

The Davison's filed a police report with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and complained to CPS. The investigation is still ongoing. 

They’ve now joined forces with Alecia Jenkins, who first shared the story of her 4-month-old daughter, CJ, with FOX 26. 

In April, Jenkins filed a lawsuit against Children's Lighthouse Daycare, alleging that same employee "assaulted, battered and negligently took care" of her daughter, according to court documents. 


After a visit to the ER, doctors told Jenkins, her baby's arm was broken. 

"She has a few follow up appointments to see how the bone is healing and growing, but for right now, she’s doing well," Jenkins said. 

Last week, Jenkin’s attorney updated the lawsuit to include that specific employee. Court records say,  "CHILDRENS LIGHTHOUSE OF SPRING were made aware of the (the employee’s) multiple infractions; yet, has intentionally, willfully, and/or purposely turned a blind eye and continued to retain (the employee) and place infants at an extreme degree of risk and harm."

FOX 26 is not currently naming the employee because so far, no criminal charges have been filed. 

In a statement, Children's Lighthouse Daycare, Spring Harmony responded saying, "We were just made aware today that additional parties have been added to the lawsuit. This matter remains under investigation by state authorities, and we continue to cooperate fully. Nothing new about this matter has occurred, therefore, we do not believe additional attention is warranted. 

We note that there are allegations in the amended lawsuit which are inconsistent with information provided by Ms. Jenkins in her initial television interview. We also note that the new allegations made against us and an employee are demonstrably false. Specifically, the lawsuit references an alleged incident in November 2020, which was investigated by Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and no wrongdoing was found on the part of any employee. No violations or citations were issued, and the investigation was closed.   

We continue to deny all claims and allegations contained in the lawsuit.

We operate as required by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and the safety and health of all Children’s Lighthouse students is our top priority. Children’s Lighthouse of Spring-Harmony has established a reputation for being a warm, welcoming and safe environment for young children and their families. At this time, we cannot comment further."

A spokesperson with Children's Lighthouse Daycare, Spring Harmony tells FOX 26 the accused employee has been placed on administrative leave until further notice. 

The Davison's say they’ve now transferred their son to a different daycare that records video of any interactions with their child.