More evacuation zones added in Brazoria County

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Flood water from the Brazos River has already claimed many houses in Brazoria County, but thankfully, no lives have been lost. Bailey's Prairie and Bar X Ranch have been added to the mandatory evacuation areas of the county.

Highway 35, among other roads, are closed making it difficult to travel in the area. Rising flood water levels damaged many homes. Members of the Krenek family built their home in 2000, but now they must leave it all behind. 

"The furniture is up on blocks -- they put everything up on blocks inside the house and as far as the flooring and the sheetrock, it's going to be lost as far as I know I don't see any saving it."

Officials tell FOX 26 News that there have been many evacuation assists in the last couple of days. The top priority, of course, is public safety and making sure residents stay out of the water.

"This is all a rural area, it's all on septic systems, septic systems are flooded all of that sewage which is now mixed with that water people do not need to be in the water," says Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta.

A curfew remains in effect from dusk until dawn for anyone living in the mandatory evacuation zones. For updates on evacuation areas and road closures, visit the Brazoria County social media accounts.