Montgomery County limits occupants in restaurants, bars

Montgomery County is limiting the number of occupants at restaurants and bars in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

On Tuesday morning, Judge Mark Keough signed the order that will go into effect at 3 p.m. March 17 until April 1, or until it is rescinded or extended by a future order.


The order outlined the following changes for bars, restaurants and movie theaters:

1. All restaurants shall reduce occupancy of the entire premise to 50 people or less at any one time in total.

  a. Tables, shall be spaced a minimum of 10 feet apart.

2. All restaurants may continue to-go, takeout, delivery, and catering operations.

3. Restaurants shall not allow any employee to report to work who is sick.

   a. Strict handwashing and sanitizing operations must be deployed.

4. Any bar or club shall limit occupancy to 50 persons or less at any one time in total.

5. Movie theaters shall limit occupancy to 25 persons or less per screen at any one time

According to the order, lack of compliance could result in shutdown.

Currently, four presumptive cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the county. In total in the greater Houston area, nearly three dozen presumptive and confirmed cases have been reported.

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