Montgomery County doctor charged in deadly Conroe crash

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New developments on the deadly crash that killed a family of four in Conroe.  The doctor who prescribed drugs to the driver accused of causing that accident was arrested on multiple charges.  The Montgomery County District Attorney says Dr. Rezik Saqer was running a pill mill. He faces a total of 10 charges.

Three days after the Sedlmeier family was killed in the horrific crash off State Highway 105 in Conroe, 68 year old Ronald Cooper was arrested that same day for being intoxicated. Police say he got OxyContin and Valium for Dr. Rezik Saqer, a licensed pain specialist.

"If you're wondering what type of case this is, it's a pill mill case. We arrested a doctor who's peddling poison in Montgomery county not only in Montgomery County but in other counties that explains why the DEA is involved," District Attorney Brett Ligon said.

The DEA says they've been investigating Saqer since 2014. Tuesday he was arrested. Prosecutors say he possessed several narcotics without a valid prescription and abused his title of being a doctor.

"We found that he signed prescription pads without filling out any other information, which you can imagine is very scary.  It was allowing his staff and others to write what the drug is and send it on to a pharmacy to get filled without a doctor checking to see if it's a valid prescription," Chief Prosecutor Tyler Dunman said.

It speaks to the larger issue of drug abuse in the country.

"In 2013, there were over 22,000 overdose deaths related to prescription drugs.  46 people a day," DEA Agent Joe Arabit said.

In this case, prosecutors say the driver Ronald Cooper has to take responsibility for driving while taking narcotics. He faces four counts of intoxicated manslaughter. Saqer's office is still open now but prosecutors say his license is in the process of being revoked.