Mom wants answers after special needs student escapes from bus

"My son could've lost his life on Friday." Nicole Washington is furious. She's furious because of a surprise phone call she got on Friday. It was her son's school and there was a problem.

"We can't get him on the bus. So my first thing is I'll just come to school and pick him up and they say no he's not at the school. I said where is he? And they say the location keeps changing," she says.

Dylan is not your typical thirteen year old. He is autistic and non-verbal. She says he doesn't recognize danger and has no fear. She bolted out the door and rushed to where deputies had put him in a patrol car for his protection at 517 and California in Dickinson. He'd been running around the bus and walking down the busy street for 15minutes as the bus followed him.  When she called the school, she got another bombshell.

"He ran away five times last year. Why was I never notified?  When you have a child with disabilities and something like that happens there's certain procedures that you follow."

Procedures like making a safety plan.  She says she glad Dylan wasn't hurt, but is worried about his future.

"The school district failed to do things to keep my son safe," Washington  says.

We are waiting for a response from Dickinson ISD.