Million Air gives Houstonians the ultimate tailgate in the sky

Forget crowded airports, long lines, and flight delays. At Million Air Houston, travel goes from to high stress to high end. 

"This is our upstairs VIP lounge area," says Director of Marketing Allie Woolsey, showing off a lounge overlooking a floor-to-ceiling glass window with private jets parked outside it.  

"We have a self-serve bar and a beautiful balcony where people can have a drink and watch the aircraft take off," she says.

The private air service offers five-star treatment which starts at the terminal and includes a theater room, 24/7 concierge service, and a hospitality bar. 

It's exactly what some million-making Houstonians want for their "pre-game" on the way to Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

"It really is the busiest travel day of the year for private aviation, so people have been making reservations well in advance," adds Woolsey.

At Million Air, the customer makes the schedule, choosing when and where they'd like to go-along with how many guests.

"This is one of the bigger private aviation aircraft," says Woolsey showcasing the company's "party-perfect" g5 which seats up to 13 passengers comfortably. 

"We have catering, drinks on your aircraft waiting for you- it starts the tailgate in the sky."

The booking also includes flight attendants, in-cabin entertainment, and full meals served on china and runs around eight thousand dollars an hour. 

"The Super Bowl is really a big corporate entertainment event just as much as it is for sports fans, so we see a lot of businesses taking their biggest clients to go entertain them," adds Woolsey. 

Woolsey says the majority of the company's business comes from organ donor transplants, but it also acts as a hub and fueling station for other private aircraft.

And the first weekend in February is guaranteed to keep the Houston-based company in the air with football fans looking to take first-class flying to a whole new level. 

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