Memorial High School students concerned after social media threat

Reports of a student who was trying to buy a gun online caused widespread concern at one west Houston school. Dozens of students left early from Memorial Senior High School on Friday and went home after learning of the threat.

It all began with a social media post that read: "If you're selling an M-16 or M-4 I need one ASAP...I'm coming for you n----s..." 

It went on to say, "I love all of my white friends at Memorial High School stay safe tomorrow." That post was allegedly done by a black student. A spokesperson for the Spring Branch Independent School District says the incident is being taken seriously and district police is investigating.

Memorial junior student Laura Fields, her father and former judge Mike Fields, and Cody McCubbins, who had served as a school board member in Newtown, Ct. when the Sandy Hook shooting took place, discuss the threat with Isiah Carey.