Member of HPD’s Independent Police Oversight Board reacts to Fort Worth police officer turned murder suspect

Some say bodycam of the deadly police shooting in Fort Worth illustrates what police officers should not do.

“Let me see your hands, show me your hands,” former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean can be heard saying on the bodycam.

Officials say Dean who was charged with murder Monday night failed to identify himself as a police officer before firing the fatal shot.

“We look at every case involving use of force,” said Marvin Hamilton.

For several years Hamilton has served on the Houston Police Department’s Independent Police Oversight Board.

He questions why an officer would fire a shot through a window.

“Shooting someone from outside into a house that’s just not standard,” Hamilton said.

It was a non-emergency call.

A neighbor contacted police after noticing the door was open.

“Had I not called the Fort Worth Police Department my neighbor would still be alive,” said James Smith.

Fort Worth’s interim Police Chief Ed Kraus says the body cam video proves Dean had no justification to fire a shot through the window.

“The only time that would be ok is if there was another person in there and they were actively firing upon you at the time,” Kraus said.

Dean had only been a Fort Worth police officer for a little more than a year and a half.

“And I’m sure that played a lot into it,” Hamilton said. “A real veteran would have probably done things a lot differently.”