Mayoral candidates respond to Proposition B layoffs

This year, Houstonians will be voting in the mayoral election. With the chaos surrounding Mayor Turner and the Proposition B battle, residents will have to decide to reelect or vote for another option. 

With the latest development in the saga, 67 cadets were issued 60-day notices. Mayoral candidates Bill King and Tony Buzbee had some thoughts on it.

"We have cadets that committed their lives to serving the City of Houston, we committed to them, they did their training, and now we fire them?" said Buzbee. "Let's fire this mayor."

"These are young people that came and offered their services to the city. They're ready to start working and we pull the rug out from under them. It's not fair," King said in agreement.

Above all, the two candidates vehemently disagreed with Turner's budget and fiscal actions. 

"We spend $500,000 a year on holiday lights, we spend $1 million on a homework hotline, we spend $35 million on finding people that qualify for federal grants," Buzbee said. "We waste so much money in this city, and this mayor claims he wants to put more police on the streets and more firefighters to protect us." 

"What is so ridiculous is we spent $3 million training these young people. They're going to go to Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio and those cities are going to get the benefits of their training," said King. "It's terrible for the taxpayers."