Mayor Turner's daughter a surprise guest at 4-year-old's virtual tea party

The Mayor’s daughter is giving a group of girls something to smile about while they’re stuck at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The first daughter of Houston, Ashley Turner, popped in on a 4-year-old’s virtual tea party. “Hi pretty girls,” Turner smiled and with that greeting, the day for a group of little girls went from humdrum at home in a worldwide health crisis to a memory they'll treasure for a lifetime.

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"After we got done she said that was the best tea party ever,” laughs Kim Roxie who says when her 4-year-old Loretta asked to have a tea party with her friends in the middle of a pandemic she initially didn't know how to make it happen. And Loretta said well they can come on your phone.

Thirty girls attended the online tea party, “They all set their own tables and they got dressed up and we had so much fun enjoying tea together and sharing their favorite books,” Roxie explains.

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The mayor’s daughter stopped by the digital fiesta to read to the girls. "I read ABC I Love Me,” Turner explains. “I put on my hat and they got me to put makeup on and that’s something I hadn’t done in a while, anything to bring joy to someone’s day especially the kids is an automatic yes,” Turner smiles.

“That was amazing for her to take out time to read to the kids. That was pretty special,” adds Roxie.

The party wrapped up with all the girls singing in unison and their voices may not have been but having a group of hearts in harmony at a time like this is beautiful indeed.

"Stay strong Houston. Like everything else, we've got this. This too will pass,” says Turner.