Many people want to know when stimulus checks will arrive

The IRS says stimulus checks have started going out to help you pay your bills. Now many people are wondering when it will arrive.

The stimulus checks are $1200 per person if your adjusted gross income is $75,000 and below, plus $500 per child. The more you make, the amount goes down, reaching $0 for those earning $99,000 and up.

But no matter how much their stimulus check will be, people we talked to say it can't come fast enough.

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Lori Ravelli and Lisa Summers both own beauty salons that had to close for the stay home order, and both say they've hit walls applying for unemployment and small business loans.

"I've gone to my bank and been told there are 400 people in front of me, so they don't even have money to distribute even if I was to get approved," said salon owner Lisa Summers.


"Now without help from the government or the state, we're really facing difficult times," adds salon owner Lori Ravelli.

Like everyone else who's unemployed, they need their stimulus checks, though they won't go very far.

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"The bills are rolling in and they keep coming and there's not much income to pay you know," said Ravelli.

The IRS is launching a web page Get My Payment on April 17 to help you track when your stimulus check will arrive. You'll get it the same way you get your tax refund, by direct deposit or by mail. By mail takes longer.

So the IRS is also setting up a portal for you to set up a direct deposit.

If you don't have a bank account, you can have it deposited through Square mobile banking, and Walmart says it will cash stimulus checks for free.

Even though the tax filing deadline has been extended to July 15, if you made less money last year than 2018, file your taxes now. Your stimulus will be based on your most recent adjusted gross income.

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Ravelli said, "I did file my taxes early so I should be seeing something."

You won't pay taxes on your stimulus, and it won't come out of next year's refund. It's a bonus.

But seniors, social security recipients, and railroad retires will get stimulus checks. And if you don't usually file a tax return, enter your information on this IRS site.

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"We're just going to have hold on and see what happens.  I just don't know how long we can hold on," said Summers.

Some college students might feel left out because those age 17 to 24 and claimed as dependents are not eligible for a stimulus check. Parents, or the person who claimed them, cannot receive the $500 stimulus money for them either, because it's only for children under age 17.