Neighbors react as manhunt ends for ex-husband accused of murdering wife in front of son

The manhunt for accused murderer Lorenzo White has ended in Dallas after investigators say White killed his ex-wife in northeast Harris County overnight. It happened in a neighborhood near Beltway 8 and Tidwell. The woman was shot while her son was right there at home.

The search for White came to an end just after 10:30 a.m. in Dallas when U.S. Marshals spotted Lorenzo White driving there in Dallas and tried to pull him over.

BACKGROUND: Man accused in ex-wife’s death in Houston fatally shot himself in Dallas: HCSO

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, White led police on a chase, eventually stopped his vehicle, but wouldn't get out. He ultimately lifted a gun to his head and killed himself on Monday afternoon. It all started in Northeast Houston around 12:30 a.m. when a 16-year-old called 911 saying his ex-stepfather had broken in and was murdering his mother. The gunshots were heard by the 911 dispatcher. 

"I walked into my house, closed my door and immediately heard the gunshots," one neighbor explains. 

Lorenzo White

Lorenzo White, 55, is accused of shooting and killing his ex-wife at her Northeast Houston home.

Residents in the Northeast Houston community say they just can’t believe their neighbor, Lorenzo White, became a wanted man on the run. That's after investigators say White broke into his ex-wife, Lisa Daniel's, home, a home they once shared and deputies say White shot and killed her.

"As I’m getting out of my friend’s car, this man across the street has already bashed the door in, and is two seconds away from shooting my neighbor. This poor lady, who is just the sweetest woman," says a neighbor who doesn’t want to give her name.   

"Very surprising. I did not see that coming," Adds another neighbor who also doesn’t want to be identified and has known White since moving here six years ago. 


He says White told him he and his wife split up after he had an affair. 

"He gave his wife and son the house and everything, because he knew he was wrong about whatever he did. But he kept coming by, kept coming back, kept coming back." 

Daniel was dead by the time deputies arrived and took her son to safety. 

"He was just walking with his head down, and it just broke my heart because I have two sons. How could anyone do this? Just pure evil. There’s a special place for people like this. I hope he gets what’s coming to him, because what he did to this child will forever damage him, and I just pray that he’s able to overcome that one day and have a good life," says one neighbor. 


Before White is said to have taken his own life in Dallas, investigators say he was in contact with several family members and admitted to the shooting. Harris County Sheriff’s Detectives say there have been a number of family violence calls made to their house.