Man sentenced to life for slashing police sergeants throat up for parole after serving just 5 years

Hung Le wanted to see Anthony Yet dead.

"No doubt about it," Yet said.

And Le might get another opportunity to end Yet's life.

"It does cross my mind everyday that this is his intent," said Yet.

Yet is currently employed as a senior investigator with the Harris County Attorney's Office.

Back in 2012, he was a sergeant with the Alief ISD Police Department.

While off duty, he witnessed Le assault a man at the southwest side strip center.

"He assaulted a patron that did not provoke him at all," Yet said. "I took him down and held him there for the sheriff's department to make an arrest."

While out on bond, Le ran into Yet at the same southwest side strip center and slit his throat.

"He used a razor blade taped to a credit card," said Yet.

While in jail for assaulting Yet, court documents state Le told other inmates he would pay someone $5,000 to kill Yet.

"Hung Le wanted Sergeant Yet dead and gone," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

In 2014, Lee was sentenced to life in prison. Yet thought the man bent on killing him would have to serve at least 30 years before being considered for parole.

But Le has only served five years and is under parole review.

"I was frankly dumbfounded and perplexed. I said 'this has to be wrong,'" Kahan said.

The court of criminal appeals dismissed the use of a deadly weapon finding in Le's conviction.

"If the deadly weapon finding had remained, you and I wouldn't be talking. We would probably see Hung Le in another 25 years," said Kahan.

"To let him out this early could pose a threat to me," Yet said. "Definitely."

On Monday, Yet will appear before parole board members in hopes of stopping Le's early release.