Man 'covered in blood' shot by Houston police after entering home, fighting with owners and neighbors

Officials are piecing together what led up to a deadly shooting with police in southwest Houston after a man entered a home "covered in blood" and got into a fight with the homeowners and a neighbor.   


Details are limited as it's an active investigation, but investigators received a call of an officer-involved shooting in the 6700 block of Langdon near Bayland Park and Sharpstown around 11:30 a.m. 

During a press conference with Executive Asst. Chief L. Satterwhite with the Houston Police Department, it all started when an unidentified man went to a home in the area "beating on the door" appeared to be "covered in blood" and claimed he was being chased. 

He was then reported to have gone on to another house, but in this case, went inside, Executive Asst. Chief Satterwhite said, and when one of the homeowners, described as an older man, saw him, a fight ensued. 

As officers were en route, one of the neighbors with a gun, rushed over to assist. Police arrived shortly thereafter and told investigators the man was in the backyard with the neighbor, who came out to help. 

The responding officers, Lieutenant A. Conejo, Sergeants A. Rossow and K. Johnson, saw the neighbor and the unidentified suspect fighting and saw the latter come up with a gun, moving around. At some point, the officers saw the suspect with a gun in his hand, so they shot him. 


Executive Asst. Chief Satterwhite says investigators fired their weapons again after noticing the suspect moving around and appearing to reach for the gun. 

The neighbor and the elderly homeowner were treated at the scene by officers and additional reinforcement and an ambulance were called. Officers also worked on the unidentified suspect, who succumbed to his injuries. 

A total of five officers were involved in the shooting, one is a lieutenant with 25 years with HPD, two sergeants with 38 and 11 years, respectively, with the department, and two officers with seven and six years of experience. 

Per policy, the officers will be placed on administrative leave as an investigation continues. One of the things officials will be looking into, Executive Asst. Chief Satterwhite said, was whether the gun the suspect had belonged to him or was the neighbor's who tried assisting the homeowners. 

FOX 26 will continue to make updates to this story as it develops.