Man convicted in deadly crashes sentenced to 80 years

Blaine Boudreaux is on his way to prison after getting an earful from the family of the six year old boy he killed. When asked if he wanted to say anything to the family because he wasn’t allowed to during the statements he told us he didn’t need to.

"Sir, I made any comment I needed to at the trial. You can review the records," Boudreaux said.

Just minutes earlier family members of six-year-old Joshua Medrano read victim impact statements. His uncle demanded he look at pictures of Joshua while he read his. He told Boudreaux that God had told him to forgive him, but the rest of the family didn't agree.

Joshua's brother angrily reminded Boudreaux that he would be ten years old if it weren’t for him. No microphones were allowed in the courtroom and afterwards the family members declined to speak to us.  Boudreaux listened to the statements showed no emotion. His attorney says there was a reason for that.

"He is in shock and he is remorseful. I mean it's a very difficult issue to process these two emotions," said Billy Skinner.

The other issue is being sentenced to 80 years for a drug-fueled night of driving. On the night of April 26, 2015, in the span of two hours Boudreaux crashed four times. Besides killing Medrano in one wreck, he struck Air Force veteran Leonard Batiste and left him to die in a ditch. He was fleeing that scene when he smashed into Medrano's mother's car.

Prosecutors say Boudreaux has a long history of driving under the influence, even though he had no previous DWI convictions.

"Mr. Boudreaux hasn't shown that he’s seen the light yet, based on his testimony and lack of remorse he's shown in every stage of the proceedings. But as far as I'm concerned the best way to take people off the road like this is to put them in prison," said Sean Teare.

Teare says he’s not done prosecuting him yet. He says they have lesser crimes they can hit Boudreaux with to push back his parole date. He says they can prove two DWI’s from that on top of this murder. They have told Boudreaux that if he pleads guilty to those DWI’s they won’t follow up on those other charges. This way if he gets a DWI after his release it will be his third and it will mean he goes back to prison.