Man claims HPD wrongfully arrested him for "dangerous" drug

A Houston man wants to warn you not to be caught riding around without your prescription for your medication or you could land in jail like he did.

Davion Anderson was pulled over by HPD on February 1st and was arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous drug: Amoxicillin. The drug is actually a form of Penicillin used to treat bacterial infections. 

"It is against the law if you're riding around and don't have the proper prescriptions and things that match the pills," Anderson said. "You can have 30 pills that you have to take daily, but if you do not carry each prescription that matches each one of those pills, you are subject to be pulled over and placed in custody."

Although officers can no longer test in the field because of the opioid epidemic, Anderson says that the officer who pulled him over looked up his medicine through a Google search, and still chose to place him under arrest.

Anderson is now fighting to have his case dropped. 

"I have my prescriptions to take to court to be able to show the judge," he says. "I have faith that I'm able to prove everything."