Man arrested in Willowbrook Mall after riding board

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Video of man arrested at Willowbrook Mall this weekend. What's the deal here?

According to Pct. 4 Constable's office a man had been riding a scooter board in the mall. The Pct. 4 deputy asks him to stop. The man stopped, but deputy said he then began arguing and shouting obscenities. Deputy then put him under arrest for disorderly conduct. The constable's office says, while the man had his hands up against a glass window, he pushed back hard, knocking the deputy backward. That's when the charge became resisting arrest. The deputy then took him down, cuffed him, and held him with a knee.

That's where this video starts. Constables say it's the suspect's brother recording the video. The deputy held the same position on the suspect the entire length of the video and called for backup. Right at the end you'll hear shouting... something happening in the background... while the deputy and suspect are still in the same position. Then you see the camera getting knocked around and the video ends.

This afternoon, activist Deric Muhammad will hold a news conference about the video, on behalf of the suspect, Jesse Valdez. Muhammad writes in his news release that Valdez, "was treated worse than an animal. The video speaks for itself. It's open season on young Black brothers and sisters."

Pct. 4 Constables office says their deputy did nothing wrong and the were exploring the possibility of charging the brother with interfering with the officers, and/or attempting to incite a riot.