Makeena app helps save money on healthy foods & green products

If you prefer to buy natural, organic groceries and products, but the cost seems high, now there's an app to save you money.

It's called Makeena and it can give you healthy savings for healthy shopping.  It gives you cash back when you buy organic, natural, non-GMO, or environmentally friendly foods and products.


"We're trying to level that playing field and help consumers no matter where they shop. It can even be Target, it can be Walmart, I guess down there you have HEB, right?" said Makeena creator Karen Frame.

"The theory behind it is if everybody bought better, the prices of these better-for-you kinds of brands in the natural products industry will come down," said Frame.


With Makeena, you can buy from more than 100 brands of health foods and eco-friendly products, then scan the bar codes or receipts, or redeem in-store offers, to earn points. Once your points add up to at least $20, you can redeem the cash through Paypay or Venmo. And you can shop anywhere, including a farmer's market or online.

"As a consumer, you can search either by the brand name if you know they're on the platform, or if you're looking for gluten-free, you just search for gluten-free and the gluten free brands pop up," explained Frame.

You can also earn some points for scanning a grocery receipt that doesn't include health foods, or for referring friends to the site.
Clicking on and trying new products on the site will earn you more points.  And you can suggest products you want included and share recipes with other members.

Makeena is free to download from the Apple or Google Play app stores.