Majority of Texans supporting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's push for school choice

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is intensifying his push for "school choice" - a measure which could fundamentally alter where and how millions of Texas students receive their education.

For a growing number of Texas parents who feel trapped within a public school system which isn't working for their kids, the prospect of school choice is proving attractive.

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That support has become apparent in recent polling by the University of Houston - Hobby School of Public Affairs which reports school choice was supported by 61% of the state's population.

What some analysts have found surprising is that backing for "vouchers" is strongest among Black Texans with 73% of African-American Democrats in favor of taxpayer-funded choice.

The Hobby School poll also determined pro-voucher sentiment has taken hold in the Texas countryside with 63% of rural residents expressing support for state education dollars "following the student."

With public school officials and teacher unions lobbying hard against any type of voucher plan, Abbott has taken his persuasion campaign on the road.


"We know for a fact, Republicans in particular, but really a majority of all Texans support this, whether you are in urban, suburban or rural areas, if you are Black, white or Hispanic or Asian. Or if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. Majorities of all those categories strongly support it. More than 80% of Republicans support this, including in the rural areas, so if a Republican representative votes against this, they are voting against their own constituents," said Abbott in an interview with FOX 4's Steven Dial.