‘Mac & Cheese Turkey’ uses powdered cheese from the box to make your Thanksgiving dreams come true

If you love macaroni and cheese and are looking for a way to really spice up your family’s turkey this Thanksgiving, Reynolds Wrap has created the recipe to make your cheesiest dreams come true.

No stranger to unique turkey recipes, the aluminum foil company previously created the coveted Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey, Glitter Turkey and the Mountain Dew Turkey.

This year’s recipe, called the Mac & Cheese Turkey, throws it back “to a childhood favorite” using powdered cheese from your favorite boxed macaroni and cheese, Reynolds Kitchens writes on its website.

Created by Reynolds Wrap, the recipe, of course, calls for aluminum foil to wrap the turkey and “hold in juices.”

The instructions are fairly simple, calling for a 10- to 16-pound turkey, vegetable oil, two packages of boxed macaroni and cheese, two pouches of powdered cheese from the box and foil.

Another selling point? Less dishes.

“Keep clean up simple when you line the pan with Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil and get back to enjoying time with your loved ones instead of scrubbing pans,” Reynolds Kitchens suggested online.

It’s the kind of dish that will have your Friendsgiving guests asking for the recipe — or maybe just going straight for the sides.

The full set of instructions for the recipe are available online. There's even a Pumpkin Spice Turkey recipe, too.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.