Local non-profit helps Afghan family of 4 find their way in Houston

Four weeks after U.S. troops were pulled out of Afghanistan, FOX 26 spoke with a family that was able to flee the country. They tell us, they’re grateful to be in Houston and away from danger. 

"It is a tough situation there right now, so it saved me and my family," said Mirwais Subhani, Afghan Refugee.

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Mirwais Subhani, his wife, and four kids now call Houston home. He tells us, the family had a target on their back because he worked as a guard for the U.S. embassy for five years. He spoke to FOX 26 through an Afghan translator, who also fled the country. 

"He was working with the U.S. embassy before, so we are the first people to get killed by those terrorist groups over there," said Subhani. 

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Subhani says those photos depicting the chaos at the Kabul’s airport and stories of people dying trying to escape are out of desperation. Many remembering what they lived through when the Taliban first took over. 

"Everybody has experience with Taliban every person who is older than 25," said Subhani. "They’re really a curl group, the terrorist group, they don’t care about humanity."

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Mirwais and his family are one of the dozen's of families who have arrived in Houston, and organizations like Amaanah Refugee Services, are helping them through.

"These families didn’t choose to come here and I think that’s very important to understand, they were assigned to come here by the government," said Jida Nabulsi, Founder of Amaanah Refugee Services.

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In all, Amaanah hopes to help 160 families immerse themselves into the city, these families will be steadily coming in through December. 

Jida tells us, the group is looking for volunteers, and donations are always welcomed. For more information, click here.