Local bar prepares to reopen for phase two of Governor Greg Abbott’s plan

Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement of moving forward with Phase Two of his reopen Texas plan has many business owners excited now that places like child care centers and bowling alleys can reopen on Friday.

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Debbie and Steve Bixby have owned Green Oaks Tavern for four years. The building has been standing on Main Street in Humble since 1928 as the former courthouse and jail.

They say they were on the edge of their seats listening to Gov. Abbott’s announcement.

“It was like such relief, and enjoy, and then my phone started blowing up. You know, it was like people “are you going to open Friday? Yeah!” Asking who’s going to be here, you know, what musicians?” said Debbie.

The couple had to close their doors for two months to comply with stay-at-home orders, putting a halt to the growth of their business, while their fixed expenses were still due.

Steve Bixby tells FOX 26, “We haven’t made a dime in revenue since we closed, other than the fact we allowed people to buy a gift card which in reality is open an account here.”

The Bixbys say the guidelines set by Gov. Abbott were no surprise to them, and were prepared to go above and beyond.

“We’re going to have our doors propped open, we’re going to have fans to provide extra ventilation. We’ve tried to create absolutely as much space as we can using chairs to separate the stools. We’ve taken like several tables out from the front,” says Steve.

A few things that patrons can expect is that the person who will be working the front door will ask a series of questions about their overall health, and then they’ll also ask to take their temperature before they are allowed to enter.

Bars, breweries, and similar establishments are only allowed to have 25% of their max capacity inside. There are no limitations for their outside space.

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The Bixbys say their staff has already been informed about the use of gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer, especially when handling cash. They say the comfort and safety of their patrons is their priority.

Steve says “We understand we are going to suffer here for a few, probably three or four months, but then again we’re going to try to put out the best product we can, friendlier service and become an example as to how to extend our business gradually as the situation allows us.”