League City parents say CCISD should expel knife-packing 5th grader

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Among the students at Clear Creek ISD's Hall Elementary was a classmate packing a knife.

After a faculty member spotted the illegal weapon in a backpack the 5th grader to whom it belonged admitted he planned to use the kitchen blade on kids he did not like  Andy Strickler's son was identified as a target.

"When we go the call from the school we were blindsided. We didn't know how to react to that," said Strickler.

Strickler and his wife Amber are deeply disturbed Clear Creek ISD waited eight days before disclosing the knife seizure and threat.

"We should have been notified immediately," said Andy.

"Parents shouldn't have to tolerate that, shouldn't have to live in fear that this could happen and it can be kept from them," said Amber Strickler.

The Strickler's concerns don't end there. They've been told that following a period of suspension the offending 5th grader will be allowed to return to the Hall campus.

Far too risky insist the Strickler's who are certain other parents of kids attending Hall would agree.

"You can't overreact when it's the safety of your son or daughter involved. There is no way to overreact," said Andy.

  Clear Creek ISD sent an e-mail to parents informing them of the incident four hours after Fox 26 began its inquiry.

 The District issued the following statement: