League City businesses promise safety during reopening

As more businesses are allowed to reopen, League City in Galveston County is taking steps to help businesses get back to business while making customers feel safe.

League City is asking local businesses to sign a Workplace Protection Pledge and giving them a toolkit with recommended safety precautions.

"We're really trying to encourage the public back into our dining rooms, and we want them to feel safe," said Jim Molina with Red River Cantina & BBQ.

Red River has made big changes. The staff wears masks, sanitizer stations are set up, and some tables have been removed to help keep people six feet apart.

"We rented a big storage unit for our parking lot and actually just took out a bunch of tables and chairs to make it easier to space everything out," said Molina.

They've even put step-and-pulls on the doors.

"Most of them are pretty hip on they can step on the door and pull it open with their feet," he tells us.

Red River is among many League City businesses signing the Workplace Protection Pledge to make reopening safe for customers and workers, for everything from schools to hair salons.

"We actually have little face shields for when we're shampooing and we also have an esthetician who's also wearing a face shield," said Danielle Schumann, manager of Alpine Salon.

The City of League City formed an Emergency Turnaround Taskforce, set up a website with safety recommendations, and are giving businesses a toolkit when they sign the pledge.

"So they have right at their fingertips all the guidelines from the CDC, from the Governor, County guidelines as well," explained Sarah Greer Osborne with the City of League City.

Their aim, to make customers and employees safe.

"It's really to try to build confidence for folks, that we're open, we are taking precautions, so we can jump-start things in our community and in our economy," said Osborne.

They're hoping to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and get customers spreading some cash.

"We've always taken practices to make sure we're serving food safe. Of course we've escalated awareness now. I would tell the consumer we're taking every step possible and its safe to come out and eat," said Molina.